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Our Giving to the Lord

Ways You Can Give To the Lord 

@ Grace Church Lancaster

1. Give to the Lord on Sunday mornings

as a part of our worship together.

2. Give by clicking on the link above.

3. Install the free "Church Center Mobile App" on      your phone and give through that.

4. Text-to-Give by sending a text to 84321 and       

specify a dollar amount in the text box.

For any of the three online giving options above, you can either use a credit/debit card (2.15% fee + 0.30/donation) or an electronic withdrawal from your bank account (0.00% fee + 0.25/donation).              You will also need to give your name and an email address. These online donations are handled through our Planning Center account, but they are secured through the Stripe online processing center       (handling online businesses around the world).  

5. You can also authorize an electronic payment from your bank account to the church.  

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