Welcoming you back after COVID 19 lockdown


We will begin regathering on September 13th at 10 AM.  I want to mention a few things. I know that these things may be frustrating to some because we won't be going back to our normal routines right away.  However, I would ask that you would be patient with the process.  We are trying to make our best attempts at re-gathering safely.  

  1. We highly encourage and recommend anyone that is in a high risk category (whether due to personal health issues or age bracket) to stay home, until you feel it is safe enough for you to return. Please understand that we will do our best to keep you safe, but we can not completely eliminate the risk to you.  By joining us in person during any of our activities you assume risk of infection and we can not be held responsiblie for your personal health. If you are concerned abouth the health risks in any way, please stay home and join us for our online worship.

  2. We want any of our older adults that have had Sunday morning responsibilities to take a break from those roles after returning. We are asking this in order to help keep those of us who are most vulnerable safe. This means that some of our older volunteers that are normally involved on the greeting team and passing out bulletins, will be asked to step back for a time.  This is due to the fact that these roles require closer contact with more people, and we hope to keep them away from that risk. When it is safe to return to those roles, we would love to have those volunteers return again to help in those areas.  We will have more of our youth and younger adults helping with greeting, seating and sanitizing after the service. We are already working on putting those teams together. If you are in a younger, less vulnerable age bracket, please let me know if you would be willing to step up and help in these areas.

  3. We will not have the usual prayer time before the service for the first month or so after we regather.

  4. We would ask that any socializing with each other be done with social distance outside. We need to keep the lobby and fellowship hall clear of people congregating together. 

  5. The service will look exactly like you see it online now. We will open with announcements and prayer, followed by two worship songs, Scripture reading, the sermon and a closing song.  We may have an occasional video to show on some weeks, as well.  We will not have a time of sharing things we are thankful for during the service, but we may do this by video on some weeks.

If you feel like you should not come to our services, once we regather, this is to let you know that our online service will provide a very similar experience to our live service.  After a month or so in the "green" phase in our county, we will begin to add some of our other components into our services again.  Below are some more things you can expect as we begin to regather. 

What to Expect When We Regather
Worship Service Plans

  • We plan to gather for our worship service at 10:00 a.m., for one hour, each Sunday beginning June 28, allowing for optimal sanitary and spacing options.

  • We will be seating in both the Main Auditorium and in family room areas on the lower level. When you arrive, please proceed directly into one of these areas as guided by a greeter or usher.

  • The elements of our worship services (music, prayer, comments, and sermon) will take place live in the Main Auditorium, and a live video of the worship service will be shown in the lower level.

  • A livestream of the worship service will be played at www.gracelanc.org/grace-live and on our Facebook page, for those who cannot physically gather for worship services. On-demand viewing will be available on both sites shortly after the worship service concludes.

Other Gatherings & Ministries

  • We will not host Grace Kids programming for young kids (birth–Grade 4) during the initial weeks of regathering.

  • For multiple reasons, the family room areas may be a better space option for families with younger children to attend.

  • Families with children should try to ensure that their children can practice physical distancing.

  • Sunday morning Connection Groups and small group Bible studies will not take place at our church campus during the initial weeks of regathering.

  • Mid-week activities will be announced as they slowly restart.  Watch for details about these in the near future.

Safety Precautions

  • Immunocompromised individuals and those who are not feeling well should view the worship service from home.

  • We will gather in ways that practice safe physical distancing and protect the wellbeing of others. Seating options will ensure adequate space between family units.

  • Social interaction should take place at an appropriate distance. If the weather permits, the safest place to gather, will be outside.  Please do not congregate in the lobby or fellowship hall.  Please avoid physical greetings or touch.

  • The wearing of a face mask/covering is strongly urged for everyone who comes to our worship services, especially in consideration of others. Please bring your own mask/covering if at all possible. We will try to seat people far enough apart, that they can remove their masks while singing. 

  • Hand sanitizer will be made available in our facility.

  • Coffee will not be served. You will be permitted to bring your own coffee or tea for yourself.

  • The number of people in our facility will be limited to ensure safe physical distancing. If/Once a particular area reaches its capacity, we will direct people to another area. Please understand that your “normal seats” may not be available.

  • To ensure the safety and out of respect for others, please follow the instructions of our greeters and ushers.

  • A cleaning team will carefully clean all of our facilities between each gathering.

If you choose to view the worship service from home because you cannot or should not attend in-person, please know that you are just as much a part of our church family as those who will gather physically. Your choice to stay at home, for whatever reason, is respected and affirmed by the rest of us. We look forward to seeing you in person in due time, when you are ready.

Grace family, it feels far too long since we have been together! We look forward to God’s leading and we want to proceed in ways that demonstrate love to one another and to the watching world. We’re excited about these plans and we believe that God is honored by our corporate witness. Join us in praying for the coming weeks. Pray that Jesus is exalted. 


Please feel free to email me at scott@gracelanc.org if you have any questions.


Serving Christ

Scott Becker

Lead Pastor